I am an Italian living in Britain, and after years spent on listening to podcasts and radio, and featuring here and there, I’ve decided to talk about my own experience through this medium. Britalian is a series about differences, about identity, about belonging.

Here are some reviews:

“This unique little podcast is one person’s life of loving his adopted country that doesn’t love him back. Yet.” Paul Kondo, Podcastgumbo

“[…] huge questions are wrapped in delightful, bite-sized packages that are amazingly sweet and endearing.” Calen Cross, Bello Collective

“It’s a really nice podcast with a lot of short episodes, so if it sounds like your cup of tea/cup of coffee, whichever one, you should look up for [it]” Podcast Radio Hour, BBC

In attesa di ottenere la cittadinanza, Dahveeday coltiva il suo essere Britalian, metà britannico e metà italiano, e racconta la sua integrazione, fra colleghi assetati di thé e onnipresenti moquette, in un podcast.Expat-Alta fedeltà, Radio Rai 3

Meh. It does not qualify towards the citizenship applicationPriti Patel, Home Office

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