Welcome to Britalian, a podcast that was born from the very unsettling experience of applying for settled status, also known as a badly planned way to manage the legal situation of the European citizens in Great Britain after Brexit. That’s quite a mouthful! I’ve been living in Britain for 6 years but at first my application was rejected. 

It was an experience that made me sit down and consider if this is really the country I want to spend the rest of my life in. I thought about it. Short answer, yes. 

So now what? I am an Italian repotted in British ground. British. Italian. Such far away identities. Should I keep them separate and feel constantly pulled between the two, or embrace the new one? Should I have a split personality?

But how do I reconcile my national identity with a new one? Do I need to feel British to fully integrate myself, or can I maintain my original identity? And will Britishness take over my identity, will they sit comfortably side by side, or will they blend together? Can I pick and mix what I like? And first and above all, what is Britishness?

Is it talking about the weather all the time?

Drinking tea?

Received Pronunciation?

Stiff upper lip?

Getting pissed on a Friday night?

So here it is, a sort of diary to track my attempts at becoming more British and coming to term with my new home. An exploration into Britain beyond stereotypes, and a recount of the differences that make me stop and laugh. 

Welcome to Britalian.